Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010: Resolutions for the New Year, Decade

2010 Riflesso - Photographer: Francesco Marino

I was never a fan of New Year resolutions. In fact, I was so little of a fan that I never actually made any resolutions until this past year. The beginning of 2009 marked a huge turning point in my life. I was newly single, I was about to turn 21 (woohoo! It is all it is cracked up to be) and I was months away from graduating from college. The year of 2009 ended up being a HUGE year for me.

I had two New Year resolutions for 2009. The first was to say YES more often. I wanted to put myself out there more and not turn down new opportunities. I definitely lived up to that resolution. The second was to try new food. I know, it sounds lame, but I am a picky eater. I have definitely tried new food! And, it turns out, I <3 food.

So here are my 2010 New Year Resolutions:

  • Learn something Marketing /PR industry related every month. (The industry is constantly changing. This will be my best effort to stay on top of things.)
  • Pull myself away from the computer / TV when someone tries to talk to me. (Sometimes I allow myself to become so entrenched in what I am watching / reading that I become a poor listener.)
  • Keep my work desk uncluttered and more organized. (This will be the biggest challenge.)
  • Say YES more often. (I don't want to become complacent.)
  • Try more vegetables. (I despise vegetables.)
  • So those are my New Year / New Decade resolutions. I think all of them will apply throughout the decade. Hopefully, I can report progress next year.

    Do you make New Year resolutions? What will yours be?

    All my best,

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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    A Classy Chick's Guide to Dressing in the Workplace

    Every young professional lady has problems with collecting, yes - I said collecting, a wardrobe for the workplace. Lets just face it, there aren't too many stores that offer enough styles that are youthful, chic and appropriate. Here in St. Louis, I rely almost solely on Express and The Limited for my work attire. Unfortunately, even they do not have a wide variety of choices for the workplace.

    Here are some tips that might inspire your own professional wardrobe.

    Tip #1: Think comfort and versatility. Black pants and a black blazer paired with an interesting shirt that adds color can take a classy chick a long way. If you have a job like me, you do a lot of walking, attend a lot of meetings and even have the occasional press conference or major event to tend to.

    Tip #2: Start from a neutral base and add pops of color. Find a look that works for you and suits your job and duplicate it with a twist. The more you can mix and match your wardrobe the more options you will have.

    Tip #3: Choose pieces that can easily take you from day to night. Don't forget to pack your clutch inside of your tote for easy transitioning.

    Tip #4: When it comes to work parties and dinner events, keep it classy. Cover up your lady bits while staying youthful and chic. (Side note: one or two cocktails is always classy and fun. Don't get sloppy drunk. Trust me you will regret it and no one will forget it.)

    Work Holiday/New Years Party
    Work Holiday/New Years Party by Millenial featuring kate spade bags

    To recap, consider the following when adding to your professional wardrobe:
    • Start with neutral staple pieces.
    • Always have one piece that is interesting and funky (i.e., jewelry, scarf, top, shoes).
    • When wearing heels, always keep a pair of flats close at hand.
    • Find totes that are large enough to fit clutches.
    • Make sure that your outfits are actually work appropriate. That means covering up your lady bits.
    I hope this post provides you with some inspiration to collect your very own work wardrobe.

    What tips do you have for dressing as a young professional?

    With whatever you do, keep it classy.


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