Friday, January 1, 2010

A Guide to Getting Over Him Quickly

Megan from Penn State recently posted a guide to getting over the breakup blues on College Candy. Her advice is to "delete him," "replace him," don't give him time, "refocus on you," and "make a hate list."

There are a lot of truths in this guide. The sweetest revenge is to go out with your single lady friends, look smoking hot and have a GREAT time. Let's face it, after a breakup or a break-off, we always want the other person to be miserable without us. With that said, put on your classy lady dancing shoes and go out there and be your fun, humorous, charming, beautiful self. At the very most, word will get back to almost lover that you are doing wonderful, and at the very least, you will go out and have a kick-ass time.

If you are one of those classy chicks that puts their heart into every relationship and find it stomped on from time to time, read Megan from Penn State's Guide to Getting Over Him Quickly on College Candy. You can always find a link to College Candy under classy blogs we love!

All my best,

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010: Resolutions for the New Year, Decade

2010 Riflesso - Photographer: Francesco Marino

I was never a fan of New Year resolutions. In fact, I was so little of a fan that I never actually made any resolutions until this past year. The beginning of 2009 marked a huge turning point in my life. I was newly single, I was about to turn 21 (woohoo! It is all it is cracked up to be) and I was months away from graduating from college. The year of 2009 ended up being a HUGE year for me.

I had two New Year resolutions for 2009. The first was to say YES more often. I wanted to put myself out there more and not turn down new opportunities. I definitely lived up to that resolution. The second was to try new food. I know, it sounds lame, but I am a picky eater. I have definitely tried new food! And, it turns out, I <3 food.

So here are my 2010 New Year Resolutions:

  • Learn something Marketing /PR industry related every month. (The industry is constantly changing. This will be my best effort to stay on top of things.)
  • Pull myself away from the computer / TV when someone tries to talk to me. (Sometimes I allow myself to become so entrenched in what I am watching / reading that I become a poor listener.)
  • Keep my work desk uncluttered and more organized. (This will be the biggest challenge.)
  • Say YES more often. (I don't want to become complacent.)
  • Try more vegetables. (I despise vegetables.)
  • So those are my New Year / New Decade resolutions. I think all of them will apply throughout the decade. Hopefully, I can report progress next year.

    Do you make New Year resolutions? What will yours be?

    All my best,

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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    A Classy Chick's Guide to Dressing in the Workplace

    Every young professional lady has problems with collecting, yes - I said collecting, a wardrobe for the workplace. Lets just face it, there aren't too many stores that offer enough styles that are youthful, chic and appropriate. Here in St. Louis, I rely almost solely on Express and The Limited for my work attire. Unfortunately, even they do not have a wide variety of choices for the workplace.

    Here are some tips that might inspire your own professional wardrobe.

    Tip #1: Think comfort and versatility. Black pants and a black blazer paired with an interesting shirt that adds color can take a classy chick a long way. If you have a job like me, you do a lot of walking, attend a lot of meetings and even have the occasional press conference or major event to tend to.

    Tip #2: Start from a neutral base and add pops of color. Find a look that works for you and suits your job and duplicate it with a twist. The more you can mix and match your wardrobe the more options you will have.

    Tip #3: Choose pieces that can easily take you from day to night. Don't forget to pack your clutch inside of your tote for easy transitioning.

    Tip #4: When it comes to work parties and dinner events, keep it classy. Cover up your lady bits while staying youthful and chic. (Side note: one or two cocktails is always classy and fun. Don't get sloppy drunk. Trust me you will regret it and no one will forget it.)

    Work Holiday/New Years Party
    Work Holiday/New Years Party by Millenial featuring kate spade bags

    To recap, consider the following when adding to your professional wardrobe:
    • Start with neutral staple pieces.
    • Always have one piece that is interesting and funky (i.e., jewelry, scarf, top, shoes).
    • When wearing heels, always keep a pair of flats close at hand.
    • Find totes that are large enough to fit clutches.
    • Make sure that your outfits are actually work appropriate. That means covering up your lady bits.
    I hope this post provides you with some inspiration to collect your very own work wardrobe.

    What tips do you have for dressing as a young professional?

    With whatever you do, keep it classy.


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    Saturday, November 28, 2009

    Coming Out on Top: A Classy Chick's Guide to Perfect Breakup Sex

    Warning: The following is a true account of a breakup gone right. It is not for the faint of heart. Please do not attempt under the influence of alcohol, because then you will just look trashy. Be advised that this takes extreme girl-balls and a clear mind, and always, always, consult your fellow chicks before attempting. Enjoy!

    If this was an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?," we would begin by sitting around a campfire and announcing "The Tale of the Maneater." But, it is not so lets get started.

    It all started when SS broke up with her boyfriend. Like any girl, at first she was devastated. Everything seemed to have been going great, but looking back it was for the best. However, there was a looming feeling over her head of unfinished business. And like any classy chick, business should never be left unattended.

    After the breakup, SS layed low for a few weeks. Post girlfriend consultation and the obligatory boy-bashing stage, she was almost back to fighting shape. One night, it had finally hit her that she had not gotten any action in a couple of weeks (and lets be honest, a girl has needs,) and to remedy the situation she texted the "ex." It started out innocently enough:
    7:00 pm
    SS: Hey, what are you up to tonight?
    EX: Not much, just hanging out at the house. Maybe heading to the bar later.
    SS: Oh nice, well let me know whats up tonight.
    EX: Sounds good.

    10:00 pm
    SS: Can I tell you something? It's a little trashy.
    EX: Uh, sure.
    SS: Are you by yourself?
    EX: Well, I'm at the bar with 'Tweedle-Dee'* and 'Tweedle-Dum'*
    SS: Ok well, I'm really horny and I wanna see you.
    EX: I'll be home in 20 minutes. The front door is unlocked.

    *names changed to protect idiot friends
    Not everyone can be as lucky as this, but this was a perfect opportunity for her to strike. Why should guys be the only ones to take matters into their own hands?

    Within a half an hour, SS arrived at EX's house and let herself in. When he came out to greet her, she had already started taking off her clothes. He tried making small talk, but I beleive her exact words were, "this isn't a social call, now get in the bedroom." Now SS has always had a fiesty personality and a take charge attitude, and this is no exception. But, over the course of the evening, shit got serious. Aside from taking the reins and making the rules, SS repeatedly told EX that she was there strictly for business and that she didn't have time for silly things like cuddling and kissing.

    When the evening was drawing to a close and EX asked her to spend the night, she said "sorry, I have more important things to do. I will see you later." The goodnight kiss insued and she turned away without another word. Since then, she has received numerous "Hey, how is it going?" texts from EX and various invitations to hang out.

    And now, a word from our sponsor, SS:

    Ladies, the most important thing I learned from this experience is that its okay to get what you want and take charge as long as everyone is willing to have a good time (although, at one point in the evening, EX told me that he wasn't used to this kind of attitude from me and that he felt like he was being taken advantage of -- and he liked it). Why should we sit by the phone and pine away at some silly boy thats not going to call when we can just put it all out on the table and get what we want with no strings attached?

    Just be sure to remember that this isn't recommended for just anyone and that it shouldn't be attempted after a super serious breakup or with someone that you can't just remain emotionally distant from.

    Here are some ground rules and some tips for coming out on top:
    • First and foremost, make sure you smell good and brush your teeth. We are classy chicks after all, and you want to make sure to impress your target.
    • Make sure its on YOUR terms. Don't be the booty call, be the booty caller.
    • Leave the lights on. Trust me. This is a game changer.
    • Feel free to try the "no small talk rule". Again, its not a social event, its bedroom-invite only.
    • I recommend going to their place. It makes it easier to be mysterious and leave time for a quick exit.
    • Don't spend the night. Spending the night leads to cuddling and kissing -- which is for amateurs.
    • And finally, always leave them wanting more. But, don't always give them more. Breakup sex is about the perfect and most fun end to a relationship that just didn't work out for the right reasons. Don't make it out to be more than that.
    Be smart. Be safe. Be sexy.

    xo - The Classy Chicks.

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    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    A little bit of history repeating.

    I wish they taught courses like this at my school. I. Would. Die.

    It's important to know where we came from and this article a chick's intro guide into the wonderful world of "Classy". I read College Fashion several times a day and they always have the best articles. Definitely a must read.

    Stay classy!

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    Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    Shoes...Oh my God, Shoes

    Well, I finally decided to stop procrastinating and make a contribution to our lovely blog. If there’s one thing in fashion I would have to say I love the most, it would be SHOES! So what should you know about shoes? Well, here are seven simple rules for the best accessory to any outfit.

    Number 1: Pick comfort first

    The number one rule of thumb for picking out shoes should be comfort. One thing that could ruin your work day, trip to the store, or night out on the town is that excruciating pain from wearing shoes that are just murder on your feet. If you are going to buy a pair of shoes, make sure they fit you properly and are easy on your feet. A proper fit means your foot doesn’t slip out or down the shoe when walking, you have a little wiggle room, and the shoes fit snuggly, not tight!
    Number 2: Make sure you can walk in them
    Some people can wear the highest of heels and walk like they are in sneakers, but that’s not everyone. When trying the shoes on, walk around the store; try them out. A classy chick knows how to walk in her shoes and hold her own. The last thing you need when at a club is not being able to dance the night away without wiping out.
    Number 3: Break in your new shoes

    Wear your shoes around your house. It may feel weird to be wearing high heels with your sweats, but this will help with comfort and as an added bonus heels are great for building sexy thigh muscles.

    Number 4: Don’t be too matchy
    Wearing a little black dress doesn’t mean wearing a black heel or flat. Try a bright color that will add a little pop to your outfit like red or leopard print. That little extra color can go a long way.

    Number 5: Keep your feet warm
    Be kind to your feet! They, along with your hands are the first parts of your body that become cold because your heart will pump blood to your vital organs (the core of your body) to keep warm. So wear shoes that are appropriate for the weather; that includes those hot summer days too. Boots (…a.k.a Uggs) were made for the winter and that’s the season they should stay in.
    Number 6: Stay within your budget
    It’s okay to splurge once and awhile, but don’t jump at the designer shoes so quickly. You can find almost the exact same pair of shoes at a cheaper price, if you just take the time to look. Be sure to watch for sales and the Internet sites for many stores have web exclusives, where you can find items at a lower price if you purchase them online.

    Number 7: Have fun!
    Whether your 5’9” or 4’9”, wear the style you want to wear. Don’t be intimidated to wear sky high heels because you are afraid you will tower over others. Own your height! Being a shorter girl myself, I've felt like flats wouldn’t look so flattering on me, but it is all about how you wear them. For example, if you wear flats with skinny jeans, make sure the jeans stop at you ankle. Jeans that are too long will shorten your legs even more.

    Remembering these simple tips can help save you from a fashion disaster and help boost your confidence. There's nothing sexier or classier than a strong confident woman!
    Stay Classy!


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    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    Secrets to a happy relationship

    Truth: Happy relationships make long lasting relationships.

    First and foremost, you will not have a long lasting relationship if you do not have chemistry. Chemistry is one of those things that is hard to explain, but you know it when you have it. When you have chemistry, things just click and make sense. You never think in the back of your mind that you can live with your significant other's problems or convince yourself that eventually they will see the light and change. If there is chemistry, you love them for EVERYTHING that they are. Trust me, even the smallest things will eat away at you overtime.

    Now, I might as well go ahead and say that I am in no way a relationship expert. I've noticed over the course of my relationship that the following secrets have come naturally and are constant.

    1. Laugh everyday.

    For one reason or another, we always end up laughing our asses off. Sometimes we laugh so hard we end up in tears. If your sense of humors mesh well, you will never run out of things to laugh at. So, goof around and make each other laugh.

    2. Make plans.

    Make plans so that you have something to look forward to together. Don't just wait for fun things to come along. Introduce each other to something new. Share your favorite things and places with each other. We already have plans for laser tag, the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, Halloween, the Christmas tree farm, sledding, and driving around looking at Christmas lights. In the long term there are a dozen or so weekend trips that we would love to take.

    3. Challenge each other and conquer.

    Challenge your loved one to go outside their comfort zone. Introduce them to a new type of food or entice them to do something that they would never have done before. Most recently, my boyfriend enlisted me to bike the annual Moonlight Ramble in St. Louis. I was really nervous before the event because I had not ridden a bike in over 10 years. I wasn't sure if I could complete the 14 mile course and I did not want to disappoint him. We started off kind of rocky. He was getting a little agitated that I was going so slow, but he recognized that I was trying hard and switched into supportive mode. Needless to say the bike ride kicked my ass, but I was so happy we stuck it out and completed the full course together. We conquered the Moonlight Ramble and are ready to move on to our next challenge.

    4. There is always time for cuddle time.

    Take at least 5 minutes out of your day and cuddle up with each other. Some of your best time spent is in each others arms. You cannot get closer than being physically close. Take the time to unwind and relax with each other. My favorite is falling asleep tangled together and taking a few extra minutes to wake up with each other.

    Finally, always be supportive, encourage each other to grow, expand each others horizons, and pick your fights. Don't be afraid to disagree. Just don't turn disagreements into full blown fights.

    What are your secrets to a happy relationship?


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