Friday, January 1, 2010

A Guide to Getting Over Him Quickly

Megan from Penn State recently posted a guide to getting over the breakup blues on College Candy. Her advice is to "delete him," "replace him," don't give him time, "refocus on you," and "make a hate list."

There are a lot of truths in this guide. The sweetest revenge is to go out with your single lady friends, look smoking hot and have a GREAT time. Let's face it, after a breakup or a break-off, we always want the other person to be miserable without us. With that said, put on your classy lady dancing shoes and go out there and be your fun, humorous, charming, beautiful self. At the very most, word will get back to almost lover that you are doing wonderful, and at the very least, you will go out and have a kick-ass time.

If you are one of those classy chicks that puts their heart into every relationship and find it stomped on from time to time, read Megan from Penn State's Guide to Getting Over Him Quickly on College Candy. You can always find a link to College Candy under classy blogs we love!

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