Monday, July 27, 2009

DOING A CLUTCH THE CLASSY WAY: How to pick it and pack it.

Truth: Clutches are always classy for a night out on the town.

If you are anything like me then you carry around a massive purse. Why do you need an oversized purse? Well, that is simple. You never know when you are going to need something so you might as well lug everything around with you everywhere you go.

Now, I am notorious for my big purses and I am okay with that. But, there comes a time when you can’t drag your gigantic purse with you. And when is that time? Most notably, you don’t want to have your purse with you when you go out for a night on the town. This is when clutches come in handy.

(Guys often associate a women’s oversized purse with her personal baggage. I can object to that. I have no personal baggage ;). However, a bar or club is not the place for a purse to be.)

Let us get down to some clutch basics:

Rule 1: You never want to spend a large amount of money on a clutch. My fellow classy chicks might disagree, but I would never spend more than $25 on a clutch. In fact, I have never spent more than $10 on a clutch. These things take some abuse! I guarantee you will drop your clutch and it will see its fair share of spilt drinks. Do yourself a favor and opt for the less expensive clutch.

Rule 2: Look for a clutch that is weather proof. Like I said before, your clutch will see its fair share of spilt drinks. You don’t want soggy money or soggy anything for that matter. Opt for a patent leather clutch or another water friendly fabric.

Rule 3: You can’t go wrong with a black clutch but take the opportunity to bring a little color into your life. Since you aren’t spending an arm and a leg on your clutch (clutches are not purses people!), go for a handbag with some pattern or color! Come on; show your personality a bit. You can never go wrong with a red, blue or purple handbag.

Rule 4: Your clutch needs to securely hold its contents. If you are anything like my friends, you are a party sista! You like to dance and flail your arms around. You, my friend, need some extra protection. Opt for a clutch with a zipper, strong magnetic hold, or button closure. Trust me, if you don’t have a secure clutch, you will wish you did when your iPhone flies across the dance floor.

Now that we have gone through the basics of picking out your clutch, let’s start talking about contents. Don’t have a panic attack when going from an oversized purse to a teeny tiny clutch! It will be ok! Actually, I do this quite easily. You would be impressed with the bare essentials that I need.

My top 5 clutch contents are as follows:

1. iPhone: I like to document my nights out and would not be caught dead without this valuable form on communication.
2. ID: I know this is an obvious pick but it is truly an essential. We don’t all look like mature glamazons. In fact, SS had her ID poked and prodded just last week! (SS, you are a mature glamazon…just not to the bouncer at Blueberry Hill.)
3. Money: Yes, yes I know. Money is another essential. Hopefully fellas will be buying your drinks but you always need a back up.
4. Lip gloss: I always like to have some options floating around in my bag. I will have to defer to LL as to how to keep your lips always looking glossy. She has a secret. Maybe she will share.
5. Mini brush: Let’s face it. Things can get a little crazy and your hair can look downright jacked up once you get off that dance floor.

Now, I am never caught dead without my top 5 clutch contents listed above, but there are a few other items that you might want to make room for, or at least consider, on your night out.

· Gum: Someone always asks for it.
· Passport: (Or another form of ID.) For some reason, I always leave my driver’s license in my pants from the night before. I have learned to always keep my passport in my purse for emergency ID purposes.
· Camera: You never know when someone makes a fool of themselves and the camera on your phone does not do the situation justice. However, cameras can be quite balky.
· Powder: Powder comes in handy when it is hot outside. Especially in the STL humidity.
· Keys: We are classy ladies and always have a designated driver. There is no shame. We trade off and on. So, depending on the night, don’t forget your keys!
· Hair ties: Someone always needs a hair tie (or you are just not partying hard enough.) It is good to have them handy.

Now that we are clear on what to consider when selecting your clutch and how to stock it before you go out, I will leave you with some parting advice. If you are an oversized purse lover like me, then you, my friend, have enough room to keep a clutch in your oversized purse! I have at least one clutch with me everywhere I go. This is perfect for impromptu nights out.

Now go out with your clutch and keep it classy.


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