Monday, August 3, 2009

Truth: The Efforts of a Good Wing Girl Never go Unnoticed

Ladies, the first thing you need to remember when going out on a night on the town with your friends is to establish some ground rules. For example, when my girls and I plan on hitting the bars we make three basic guidelines for the night.

First, we establish who is driving for the night. There is nothing sexier than getting home in one piece. My friends and I take turns driving so no one ever has to play the "who-is-least-drunk?" game. Not fun.

Second, we make sure we look DAMN good. And, let's not kid ourselves, we always do. Confidence is always sexy. Cockiness is not. It's okay to think you look hot! You are!

Finally, and most importantly, we establish our wing-girls for the evening. What is a wing-girl you ask? Well, let me break it down...

When picking up guys, its always best to work in small groups. Usually 2 to 4 girls is best. Any more than that and guys start to get intimidated by what we like to call "the pack effect". Men are naturally hunters and they like to swoop in and capture their prey. What they don't know is that we're playing their game, and beating them at it.

We also make sure that when we're are talking to guys that we don't move in on someone's "mark" or "target". Sure, it sounds cruel, but it's just ground-rules. Basically, my friends and I have a system on letting the other girls know which guy we are interested in, and we would appreciate it if they helped us out and didn't get too cozy.

Wing-girls are the friends that work on occupying the friends of your "target". And usually, guys are doing the same thing, so although they think they are working their game, we are working ours harder. This can usually be done by striking up an interesting conversation, usually about the creepy guy in the corner that always seems to start dancing like a fool at the sound of a techno-remix of some obscure 80s song.

When closing out the night, I find that its best to remain coy. I've had a guy who was too shy to first approach me, so I made the first move. However, when the night started to wind down, and I noticed that no number was going to be exchanged, I told him it was nice meeting him and that I would maybe see him around. All of a sudden he tried giving me his number. My trusty wing-girls came to my aid and said that he should take MY number, otherwise, no deal.

All I can say is, DON'T take it, unless he asks for yours first. If he wants to call you, he will, otherwise let is roll off your back. You have plenty of time to go out next weekend and start from square one! There are plenty of fish in the sea, so why waste time on a minnow when you could catch a shark!

Happy fishing!

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  1. just to let you know us guys are well aware of why you guys are at the bar, to mingle! but know this, the "wing man" is done by guys not by stragety but more of a necessity. since you guys are always in at least pairs we need someone to help isolate the convo. all we want is a one on one talk, no wrong in that right? Oh yeah and guys don't mind an agressive girl at the bar, never heard a friend say it bothers him. So if you want his number just get it, the bar scene might not be his scene and thats why he's shy but maybe he isn't usually. don't want a guy who lives at the bar and because of that has no problem hitting on you. oh yeah agressive girls are nice cause they might be agressive in other areas and guys think of that, and that is the ugly truth!!