Monday, August 3, 2009

Wardrobe Staple: The Perfect Leather Jacket

"You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that's what it's like when I see a store. Only it's better."
- Confessions of a Shopaholic

So true. So true. Except, in our case it wasn't just shopping. Oh, no. It was the Leather Jacket (and yes, it deserves to be capitalized).

True story: SH and SS were shopping one day (the usual), and they happened to be talking about their fashion wish lists. The one thing that was on both of theirs was the "Perfect Leather Jacket". Cropped just above the waist, small stand-up collar, vertical pockets, fitted, and of course, the perfect shade of black. And that's when they saw it. Heaven in the store window. Staring back at them, calling their names, taunting them with its beauty and perfectness, there it was. THE. EXACT. JACKET.

So of course, they did what any sane girl does when she swears she's just window shopping and has no intent of buying anything. They bolted for the store and begged the salesgirl for their sizes.

We can literally swear, we felt like we had died and gone to heaven. It felt like sex. Only better.

SS is about to cry cause she wants it sooo bad, SH is just delirious.

45 minutes later, after swooning our hearts out, we left, teary eyed, but vowing to ourselves that it would be ours. Oh yes, it would be ours.

And it was. And it is soooo damn good.

- - - - -
The perfect thing about a leather jacket? You can literally pair it with anything and it looks PERFECT. Seriously. Once you have one, you are set for life. It can go anywhere from super casual, with a t-shirt and flats, to mega-glam, with a mini-dress and stilettos. It reeks sexiness.

So, here are a few of our favorite outfits, but feel free to explore your imagination and remember: there are NO limits.

PS - In order to remain ultra-badass, SH and SS named their jackets (Bonnie and Clyde, respectively). Not kidding.

Outfit One: Comfy Casual (Perfect for a low-key dinner/movie date with the girls.)

Outfit Two: Dressy Casual (Date night with the boy.)

Outfit Three: Super-Chic (Ready to roll for a night out on the town.)

So there you have it. Go find your perfect leather jacket and release the Fonzie within.
-The Classy Chicks

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